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Connectedness, Wisdom, and Healing

Be guided toward spiritual growth and messages from those who have crossed over.


Renowned Clairvoyant of Red Deer, Alberta

Are you looking for a clairvoyant in Red Deer, Canada, or throughout the world? Loriann (Lori) of Readings by Loriann is a very gifted clairvoyant, channel and medium. Since early childhood, she has had the opportunity to speak to and for many who have crossed over. Her innate ability to transcend all space and time is remarkable. With the help of her spirit guide Salvatore, she will give you the tools and information necessary to assist you in your journey to well-being and self-empowerment. She has gained a reputation that is well deserved as an amazingly accurate intuitive/medium and channel of spirit.

Along with being an Access Consciousness Bars practitioner and a certified reflexologist, Loriann is also a former student of the Omahara School of Enlightenment in Edmonton, Alberta. She has been a guest on Linda's Lounge Blog talk radio, broadcast out of San Diego, California, where she spoke about her own healing journey, how she came to some of her own spiritual awareness, and the benefits of healing sound. Consult some of Loriann’s blog posts to read the spiritual message she perceives in every day life!


What to Expect from Your Reading

When you want the answers to life’s big questions, Loriann is here to help. Readings are offered to both individuals and groups. Loriann can assist you in encountering deceased loved ones, and more! While nothing in life is ever guaranteed, Loriann can assist you by ascertaining the probability of certain futures based on your current energies.



Readings for One or More!

Browse your options for a reading from Loriann


Messages from Salvatore

Loriann has been honoured to receive many messages of wisdom from her spirit guide.

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