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Healing Voices: Light Language From the Stars


Are you wondering what the language from the stars is? Shamanic healer Darryl Boyer and psychic medium Loriann Kolisnyk from Red Deer’s Readings by Loriann talks to you about the healing voices and light language from the stars. Both practitioners will enlighten you about the light language, also known as the star language.

What Is Light Language?

A language which is multidimensional and understood by all on a soul level is called the light language. The language adjusts to the resonance of each person’s vibrational needs at a given moment. The light speaks directly to your DNA, activating your vibrational signature as your higher self activates the language of light.

Light language or star language is channeled dynamic information that is facilitated through sound frequency and is a physical expression of sacred geometry produced by vibration. It is a powerful sacred gift that gives purposeful expression of love from the creator. Together, Darryl and Loriann facilitate individuals and groups on their healing journey to better health, advanced spirituality and increased self-awareness. Are you ready for something completely different?

To book an individual or a group session, you may call Loriann at 403-304-6192.

Red Deer Crop Circle Formation

Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
Discovered on September 16th, 2001
Report by Judy Arndt
Revised on September 25th, 2001

Healing voice

Seven circles in mature red wheat were found by the farmer on Sunday September 16th while he was harvesting. The formation was not in the field on September 1st when the field was sprayed with a desiccant. 

There is a report that the formation was spotted from the air on Sunday, September 2nd. If that is so, then the formation was made during the night of Saturday, September 1st / Sunday, September 2nd.
Total width of the formation is 422 ft. (128.6 m). I visited on Tuesday, September 18th. The crop was fully ripe and the plants were very dry and brittle. Many people had already walked through the formation.

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