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The Blog: Readings by Loriann


But I Don't Like the Buffet!

Have you ever felt strongly compelled to do something out of the ordinary but have no idea why?

One day I was out running errands and was hungry so I decided to take myself out to lunch. Since this was not usual I really didn't have any idea of where I would like to go or what I wanted to eat so I asked for guidance from my "spirit team". The response was so unusual that I had to ask 3 times just to make sure. The guidance that came was "the Golden Dragon" which in my city is a local Chinese buffet. A place I would never even think of going to because as a vegetarian, this is a place that offers very little selection for me. Hence the reason I asked three times! I was actually so annoyed with this response that I actually had no intention of following the recommendation because I thought it was ridiculous!!

I thought "Chinese buffet, my ass!"

I kept driving wondering where I would like to go but feeling very anxious because of the nagging feeling to go to the Chinese buffet. But I held fast to my stubbornness!! In my mind there was no way in hell I was going there!! I had no reason to go there because there was nothing I could eat blah, blah, blah... But I need to go there! No! I was actually starting to sweat because I had gotten myself so worked up about it and my mind just would not shut up! I was feeling like a crazy person and my anxiety was through the roof! 

Finally I relented. "Fine!, I will go there!!" But I made sure to sulk and complain the entire way to the Chinese buffet. Which was interesting since I was the only physical person in the vehicle. Crazy, I know.

I arrive, get out of the car and go in only to be hit with the smell of cooked fish which further fuels my confusion and anxiety as to why I am there! 

I slowly walk up to the food items and get a plate thinking sarcastically, great, $14 for green jello and coleslaw!

All of a sudden I hear someone speak; it's the man standing next to me at the buffet counter. I turn my head to look at him and immediately recognize my old landlord from the apartment building that my husband and I used to live at. He was by himself that day as his wife was not well and stayed home. I found myself listening while this old man who I once knew, told me how he had just come from the hospital and his radiation treatments for a cancer he wish he didn't have. He invited me to sit with him and for two whole hours he told me all about him and his wife's travels to see the castles of Scotland and all the fun they had going to Mexico and Europe. He told me of his life and how he and his wife met, all the things I had never known about this man, my old landlord.

I happily ate my green jello and coleslaw because I finally realized why I was compelled to come to the Chinese buffet. It was simply to sit and listen; to keep someone company who was not well and who just wanted to talk about everything else except his cancer. To sit and laugh about the adventures and life time of living. Simply to be a contribution to someone else ...

What Do You Know That You Are Pretending You Don’t Know?

When I was a kid I use to sing and dance with the man in the basement. He would teach me songs and we would twirl around and around. Then I would attempt to run upstairs and sing the song I just learned to my mom but as soon as I hit the landing to the main floor I would forget the words to the song. I would run back downstairs, get the words solidly into my brain and run back upstairs only to lose the words again as I hit the main floor landing. This always puzzled me. 

When I would walk to school with the girl next door and tell her about the man in the basement she would say:

"Well, where is his car? I never see anyone coming to visit him at your house." I realized that it never occurred to me how the man in the basement came and went so I decided to ask my mom.

When I asked she acted confused and very "deer in the headlight" like she had no idea what I was talking about.

She knew nothing of the man in the basement.

I realized at that moment that I was willing to be aware of it, that nobody could see the man in the basement but me and that no matter how much I wanted my mom to see him, she never would. I realize that I knew all along that this man was a spirit and that I knew all along that he was just there to "visit" me to prepare me for when I was older. I just didn't want to know that because I didn't want to feel alone in this reality....

How much of your reality are you denying you know?

Things I've Learned from My Cat

Telepathy is working all the time, but not just with people. We all have the ability to be in total communion with all living things like plants and animals. How many times have you simply looked into your dog's eyes and just knew they required something. Sometimes the communication can be much deeper and impactful. 

Once when I was younger, I had a beautiful tabby named Cassey and at this point she was getting quite old. Even at 17 with all her aches and pain she still was very patient and loving with my new kitten. 

My husband back then didn't have much patience for her and his point of view was that she was old and useless and should probably be put to sleep soon because all she did is sleep. Although I wanted to honour his opinion, it angered me to know he didn't care about someone I loved.

One evening, I was lying in bed and as usual Cassie was lying at my side with her two little paws on my arm. Soon my husband got in on his side of the bed and rolled towards my back to put his arm around me. As he did this he felt the cat there and was immediately annoyed. In one swift motion he gruffly shoved Cassie off the bed on to the floor. I am not proud of what I did next but believe 

Me when I say I was NOT HAVING IT!!!!!!!

Hours later and even into the next day I was still fuming mad at my husband who was thankfully smart enough to stay away from me. I did not want to be in the same room as him so I went to the bedroom to sit in my comfy chair with my beloved cat, a mug of tea and a book to distract me from my foul mood. Cassie was curled up in my lap and seemed to be gazing up at me. When I looked away from my book and looked into her eyes , this is the telepathic communication I received: " He knows not what he does and I love him anyway, why can't you?"

Yes, they are our teachers too...

An Interesting Point of View

A few years ago I was at home alone sitting quietly in meditation. In my mind’s eye I saw a beautiful white church in the distance. As I got closer I could see that this church was well loved and cared for and had the most beautiful stained glass windows all along both sides. I made my way to the front doors of the church only to discover that when I tried the handle, the doors were tightly locked. Then I noticed someone standing next to me. It was a man with beautiful soft green eyes wearing a white robe. In an instant I knew this man was Jesus but that's not the interesting bit. The interesting bit is what he said to me. He said very plainly "don't worry about it, they don't let me in here either."

Mind blown!

Ever See Your Beloved Pet AFTER You Put Them to Sleep?

The first time this happened to me I was about 22 yrs old and living in an apt with my boyfriend at the time.

My cat Charlie had been diagnosed with diabetes which she was receiving daily insulin for. Although I kept switching insulin she kept becoming immune to the treatment and getting worse and worse. She was isolating and peeing so I finally made the excruciating decision to put her out of her misery. I was heartbroken.

You can imagine my surprise when two weeks later I came walking into our bedroom, rounded the corner to the master bathroom when I saw my Charlie curled up asleep on the edge of the bed! I was so used to seeing her that it didn't register at first. By the time I got into the bathroom doorway I realized what I had saw and turned around to go back and look at the bed but she was gone.

I knew that this had not been my imagination and I was so happy that my Charlie still felt right at home!

Ever Seen Something Strange in the Sky That You Could Not Explain?

A couple of summers ago I was walking my dog at the dog park when something made me look up and to my left. I know this will sound weird but what I saw was a shiny silver/white "stick" in the sky. It was vertical and perfectly still. My mind could not register a meaning or reason for this object to be there. I looked at my dog and she didn't seem to notice or act any different. There didn't seem to be anyone else around to ask if they had seen the object so I just kept walking and put it out of my mind. By the time I got back to my car I had convinced myself that it was probably a strand of hair that had fallen into my line of site but was it really? What else could it have been?

Have You Ever Found a Nickel from Heaven?

Last week I was hanging my clothes up in our bedroom closet when I noticed something shiny on the floor. It was a nickel and when I bent down to pick it up I heard a song in my head: " My name is Michael, I've got a nickel...

I immediately understood this as a heavenly message from my grampa Mike. Thanks grampa for all your love and support.

It’s Just a Car Alarm

One day when I was visiting my brother at work, I asked him if he would like me to go grab some lunch for both of us. Now, at the time my brother worked at a busy place that was located in a large parking lot surrounded by many other business including some restaurants. Directly across the parking lot from the front doors of my brothers work was a Quiznos sub. So I set out to get a couple of sandwiches for us and I didn't even touch the door to go out when I heard a car alarm go off. No big deal right? Then I was halfway across the parking lot and another car alarm starts going off! Weird but still I don't really think anything about it until I reach the Quiznos front door and a THIRD car alarm starts going off!!!!

Seriously??? Yes, this is my life. It was a bit unnerving to say the least. Much later, I realized that these alarms were to try and get me to redirect my lunch choices as both my brother and I have allergies to gluten! 

Funny how the universe speaks to us at times...

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