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Messages from Salvatore



"Beloved hearts, we welcome you to this "time" and space of pure love. It is our utmost honor to be able to serve you in this manner. We are Salvatore. We, through this most helpful union, have been granted the opportunity to be teachers of sorts, assisting human kind in their evolutionary development. We are of course, non physical and reside in the dimensions of the 6th and 7th. We are a collective energy, meaning we are of one voice for many, spelling forth the consciousness of source that be god. We are the beloved brothers and sisters of the unity of one. We are your family of light and it gives us insurmountable joy to be in your presence, the beloved human being. Through knowing us, you shall know your sacred self. So be it."

-Salvatore through Lori

"Beloved Hearts.

We are so very blessed and humbled to receive you this day. The Love that you are shines brighter and brighter with each passing moment and it does not go unnoticed. You, the creator God's have moved spirit into form and have become the way showers for all. Through your dedication and hard work, being in service to yourselves has indeed "payed off." For it is always in the best interest of all to serve the one which is all. In other words, change is always instigated by the one who looks deeply into the mirror and sees all their brothers and sisters of this planet and beyond. Remember this when you are trying so desperately to change the behavior of other dearest ones!

We are your beloved servants in Graditude.”


“Greetings, glorious warriors of light!

Today is a most momentous occasion you know? It is interdimensional, Universal and like- wise quite astounding! Today is the day we celebrate you! Now, we shall let you in on a little secret Dear Ones; every day you are celebrated because you exist and you are glorious and for no other reason than this. So take this opportunity, this moment of NOW to shout out your praises for that which you truly are......

Masters of energy and scholars of empowering thought!



“Greetings, sweet ever-changing ones!

We thank you for this allowing of peace to flow through your hearts and bring us once again into the unity of one. Held in the hearts of all of you , is a sacred configuration of all knowing wisdom; and this wisdom knows not suffering, it knows not pain and it knows not of ignorance! Allow yourself to be elated by this and feel the magnificence of who you truly are NOW! We challenge you to spend more of each day "Being" instead of "doing" as this is one of the holiest ways to explore the mastery that you are.

Simply BE and you will be FREE.

We are in Service.”


“Beloved Hearts,

Sometimes letting go is the answer to life's most troublesome ordeals. Like-wise is surrendering to that which you cannot control. It is quite true that you are the map makers and the voyage planners of your existence on this plain and by design, you are quite the perfectionist! The thing is, most of you have forgotten that you were and are perfect from the "beginning" which is non-existent, to the "end", which is also non-existent. You see, your absolute perfection has always been and NOW is the time to surrender to that! As far as we can tell, berating yourselves, seeing yourselves as deficient, flawed, unworthy, trapped, guilty, unlovable, and undeserving has not helped any of you. What we are suggesting is that you practice something quite different yet so, so simple...

For a moment, close your eyes and imagine that all that you have done, all that you are doing and being and all that you will ever be and do is in absolute alignment with the source God that you are. Imagine that everything that you have ever desired, is on its way to you now. Imagine that you are flawless and limitless...

Incidentally, you are! And your design is working beautifully!"



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