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From Our Clients


At Readings by Loriann, we are proud to witness every day our clients finding truths within themselves. Read here to get a sense of the benefits you will receive from Lori’s services!



By Far the Best Experience

Loriann is ah-mazing! I have had prior readings done by multiple individuals in the past. I can honestly say, my experience with her has been by far the best. Her reading was very detailed and accurate. I felt a sense of ease and comfort following my session with her. 

She has a very warm and welcoming demeanour. I was so impressed with her prompt reply for bookings and professionalism during the entire evening of readings.

If you are thinking about booking a session for yourself, or someone you know, I would highly recommend.


Everything Was So Precise

I first saw Loriann in September, 2013 shortly after my best friend passed suddenly. Within moments of meeting her, I felt extremely comfortable and at ease. Loriann was able to connect me with my friend, and was even able to provide answers relating to his death. At one point, she brought up an argument he and I had which was never fully resolved. It was at that point I knew, without a doubt that this was the real thing, and that I in fact was speaking to him, though her. The details, description everything was so precise. Since our initial meeting, Loriann has gone above and beyond helping me in various aspects of my life. She has helped people I know reconnect with loved ones, and has truly been an amazing person to know. Saying that I recommend her would be an understatement. Thank you for all you do.

-Elise S.

Healing is Truly Amazing

Lori has a true gift and I would highly recommend her to everyone. My husband and I have both seen Lori on several occasions. The messages from the other side and the healing that goes with them are truly amazing. Lori has a kind and loving nature and is gifted in so many areas of spiritual healing I can not adequately express the joy and peace she has brought into my life.


100% Legit

Lori...Red Deer's "long island medium", she is 100% legit. If you want real answers from loved ones or even pets, Lori's gift will amaze you. My wife and I have seen Lori numerous times, and she has helped heal our pain from loved ones that have passed. Lori always amazes us, for in our readings she sees and feels things only we would know, even down to the last little detail. I highly recommend her 100% without a doubt. See her just once and you will be convinced.

-Rod C.

Lori Has Assisted Me in So Many Advancements

I would to share with you part of my spiritual journey. I have been seeing Lori for healings; from meditations to reflexology for several years. Lori has assisted me in so many advancements! She introduced me to a world outside of my comfort zone.

I have met my spirit guides. I have learned to communicate with difficult people though mediation, without in person confrontations. I have unearthed many gifts on my path in this life with kindness and assistance of Lori.

The greatest gift of all was discovering the Akashic Records within myself and taking many journeys to my past lives.

I have been enlightened and Lori gently yet truthfully has given me many messages during treatments.
Sometimes you do not even know what you are missing, until you spend time with Lori! If you think it does not work, simply stop. If you stop I must caution you, that you will soon notice something missing; Lori!

With Bright Blessing and Pure White Light!


You Made Me Feel a Lot Better

Just wanted to say thank you; you made me feel a lot better about the things I'm going through. I'll be seeing you again in a while. I have a few questions still that I didn't remember to ask. And I looked up Sylvia and Frederik and they're my relatives that passed away 1985 and 1988; can't believe it. Thanks again you have a gift!  :)


The Most Wonderful Experience

Thanks again for the reading today. Once again you have helped me see the forest through the trees! I have talked with my husband some of what we talked about and his doc is keeping his eye on the prostate due to some irregularities and his mom does have some breathing difficulties. Once again you hit the nail on the head! 

Thanks again for the most wonderful experience! I am going to start practicing all you taught me!


I Feel Like a Weight Has Been Lifted

Just had the reading on Thursday, and I have never felt so good just because I can. After my reading with you I've learned (already!) how important it is to just let things go, and to let the cards fall where they may. I feel like a weight has been lifted and have a new found respect for the meaning of "Everything happens for a reason." Can't wait to come back for another session with you. I honestly didn't think a reading could leave me feeling this good and this optimistic. Thank you, so so much!


Truly Amazing

You are truly amazing! It has been such a pleasure to meet you!

-Kelly B.

Loved the Advice

Thank you Lori for the reading, I was totally amazed with your accuracy & loved the advice... I will be back for sure, I was totally impressed! Thanks again it made my day! :)

-Carolyn F.

I Would Highly Recommend Her Services

Loriann is a brilliant intuitive! She is very knowledgeable in her field and offers reading that add insight and understanding. I have experienced a personal reading from Loriann which was professional and helpful. She is compasionate, caring, and understanding. I would highly recommend her services to anyone seeking answers to help with this journey!

-Cynthia S.

Very Informative

I had an incredible experience with Loriann. I had been having unsure feeling of the path I was taking and feeling a lot of pressure from myself; I was reassured I am on the right path and was even given suggestions (I had been thinking about but been putting off) to help out. She was very informative and gave specific examples in my life of areas I need to change. I was really blown away with my first reading, and look forward to returning!

Thanks sooo much!

-Kelly F.

A Better Understanding of Myself

I have been doing a lot of personal soul searching and a friend gave me Lori's phone number and suggested I give her a try. I was at great peace in doing this and had a great experience for my first time. I was amazed at the information that Lori presented and that she would have had no knowledge of prior to the session! And it gave me a better understanding of myself and was very impressed that I got some messages from my mom!!! Brought tears to my eyes, it was just so wonderful to hear!! I will do further readings and for sure very highly recommend others to arrange an appointment with Lori for she is very open and one feels at home with her; and I will grant that this is genuine, there is no trickery at all! I give this two thumbs up and a 10!!!...Thank you Lori!! and as I read in one of the other testimonials, you came in my life just when I needed your help!!!

-Rosalie T.

If You Need Guidance, Call Lori

I thought Lori's over the phone reading was absolutely amazing!! I felt very stuck on a few decisions that needed to be made and with her help and Salvatore's help I believe I was able to make the right choice. If you are stuck, or need guidance for any reason, call Lori, she has your best interest at heart and the love she has for her work truly shows. Thank you Lori!

-Jennifer W.

Positive and Accurate

Having this reading from Lori was just so very positive and extremely accurate. It was quite surprising how the advise came forward and hit on the "mark" with issues I've been dealing with. My husband passed away close to 4 years ago so my life has been basically turned upside down since then. Just recently I purchased some property so was really curious if I've made the right decision and Lori confirmed that as well. 

Lori has a wonderful gift in explaining issues whether health related, spiritual, relationships, etc. I feel very blessed to have met her and will definitely seek her help and guidance in the future.


-Sue J.

Wonder and Joy

Lori's channeled meditations opened me up to a whole world of wonder and joy. Who knew that there were so many loving beings looking out for us? Since becoming a part of this community, I've learned to slow down and live with more awareness. Simple things that make a huge difference like incorporating more gratitude into my life, focusing more on my breath, and a feeling of confidence that with positive intentions, strong forces will help me bring more goodness into the world. Thanks Lori!

-Mike K.

Most Beneficial

I have been in some really emotionally troubling situations in the last few years, and as a result consulted Lori for her psychic readings. She has helped me weigh through my situations, and helped me find the love and power that comes from within. Lori's impressions are very accurate, even if it's something you don't want to hear, she is right. I have also taken her psychic circle classes and have found them most beneficial in my spiritual development. I would not be where I am today if it weren't for Lori's healing help and guidance; she has been a mentor to me.

-Christine F.

Blissful Relaxing Sleep

I have had the distinct pleasure to experience a DNA encoded healing with Lori, the energy that I received was on such a beautiful frequency that I felt as if I had fell into a blissful relaxing sleep and my essence was free to experience the power of the prime creator.

-Connie G

Healing Sounds

As they say "there are no coincidences!" I believe that people are put into your path when you are ready and the timing is right. Lori happened to do just that. It was not an accident that she came into my life at the time that was needed. I had the pleasure of experiencing the beautiful gift that Lori has of Healing Sounds. My experience was of a wave-like feeling that moved across my body and a feeling of calmness that came over me. It felt great! What intrigued me the most was her translation the following day of the healing sounds. What she had conveyed to me was exactly why she came into my life at the exact time that she did. I look forward to experiencing more of the healing sounds with Lori and I thank Lori for offering her beautiful gift to the world.

-Linda/Interview Host

I Am Blessed

The experiences I have had with sound healing from Lori have been amazing! She always "knows" exactly what I need for each session and the feelings of relaxation and love pour from her into my body. I have been trained in singing for many years and I know that the sounds that came out of Lori are not possible from the human voice! She is truly gifted and I am blessed to have her help me through my journey of discovering my higher purpose.

-Kirsten T.

A More Positive Attitude

I would like to thank Lori for showing me how to connect with myself. The Psychic Circle classes were SO AWESOME!! I have had such great rewards and experiences from all the things that we were taught. I have much better control over what happens in my life, and I have a more positive attitude. Looking within was very scary at first but has been invaluable to me and my self-esteem. I think that everyone should take the opportunity to grow in this way.

-Brenda T.

A Wonderful Springboard

I found Lori to be very caring and supportive of her students, in helping them to develop their clairs, remain heart centered and stand in their own power. Lori's Psychic Circle classes were a wonderful springboard for me, to and ongoing, ever greater awareness and spiritual unfolding.

-June T.

An Immense Sense of Healing and Peace

I have been receiving Reflexology treatments from Lori for several months. From the moment I entered her dwelling, I felt surrounded by Love and an immense sense of healing and peace. These treatments have provided me with relief from my Lupus symptoms, chronic sinusitis, and nerve sensitivity. When I leave Lori, I am literally pain free from head to toe. Meeting Lori has been a blessing and a joy and I am excited to be joining her Psychic Circle classes in September!

-Cindy H.

A Very Light Hearted Energy

I went to the Sharing Circle in Red Deer at the end of November. Lori was doing a channeling with Salvatore. The experience was timeless and for over an hour had the past, the present and the now in complete unison. I felt peaceful, calm, and connected as time stood still. Salvatore is a very light hearted energy that is a joy to listen to as he shows you how to shift your energies to become more balanced. 

Thank you Lori and Salvatore!!!

-Heather Y.

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